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Catapult C Synthesis

Benefits of Catapult C Synthesis

    Dramatically shortens the design cycle

    • Correct-by-construction designs
    • Error-free RTL generation
    • Zero iterations at the RTL

    Immediate and measurable benefits

    • Fastest path to verified RTL
    • More gates produced per engineer
    • Positive ROI on first design

    Tested, proven, adopted worldwide

    • #1 market share for past three years
    • Hundreds of users and tape-outs
    • Certified in TSMC Reference Flow 11

Reduce the Time to Verified RTL

Traditional hardware design methods that require hand-written RTL development and debugging are too time-consuming and error prone for today’s complex designs. Catapult C Synthesis empowers designers to use industry standard ANSI C++ and SystemC to describe functional intent and move up to a more productive abstraction level. From these high-level descriptions, Catapult C Synthesis generates production quality RTL.

  • Synthesizes ANSI C++ and SystemC to production quality RTL
  • Targets algorithms, control-logic and interfaces for full-chip synthesis
  • Dramatically shortens the path to verified RTL

Catapult gains SystemC, Low Power Support

SystemC Support

Calypto rolls-out SystemC synthesis, expands Catapult C Synthesis full-chip synthesis capabilities with the efficient handling of complex bus interfaces, SoC interconnects and TLM2.0-based ESL flows.

  • Synthesizes SystemC input sources
  • Supports cycle-accurate coding style for fine-grain control over design results
  • Supports transaction-level modeling and ESL flows
  • Supports complex buses and SoC interconnects
  • Reads in legacy synthesizable SystemC IP descriptions
  • Integrates with Mentor Graphics’ Vista platform


Catapult C Synthesis is now included in the TSMC Reference Flow 11.

  • TSMC-qualified 40nm and 65nm low power process synthesis libraries for Catapult C Synthesis
  • Integration of TSMC’s Memory Compiler in Catapult C Synthesis

Low Power Support

With its new built-in low power optimizations, Catapult C Synthesis automates prevailing low-power design technique and delivers unrivaled power reduction.

  • Fully automated multi-level clock-gating providing near perfect clock gating
  • Dynamic power management interfaces
  • Reduces power consumption by an average 40%

Control-Logic Support

Catapult C added support for control-logic synthesis. It is the first unified solution that lets designers model, verify, and synthesize complex mixes of control and algorithmic units from a single ANSI C++ source.

  • Supports synchronous reactive systems from pure C++
  • Dedicated QoR optimizations for optimal control logic timing and area
  • Enables mixing data-driven algorithmic blocks with clock-driven control units
Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi, Ltd. Leverages Catapult C Synthesis

“During the evaluation, we had a tricky corner-case bug that required 20k patterns of simulation data to trigger. While running those patterns took only an hour in the C simulation, and it would have...

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STMicroelectronics Utilizes Catapult C Synthesis

"With the Catapult C Synthesis flow, RTL debug literally disappears. The C model is validated in its environment, and from there correct-by-construction RTL is created. This reduces the verification...

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Ericsson Evaluates Catapult C Synthesis

Catapult C Synthesis reduces the Ericsson mobile platform team’s gate count by 30% and eliminates RTL design bottleneck.


Alcatel Space Adopts Catapult C Synthesis

Catapult C Synthesis helps the Alcatel Space division produce smaller and faster ASIC designs in far less time.

Catapult C Synthesis

The Catapult design flow enables the
evaluation of a wider range of
micro-architectures than possible using
hand-coded methods.


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